Frequently Asked Questions

To help you with a few of the common questions we are asked, please find below answers, if you think of something else don’t hesitate to contact us.

When is the accommodation list released?

We will be releasing our accommodation list on the 1st December, come and check out the full list on our website search.

If you have something particular you are looking for, we recommend you start looking early, although we have accommodation available right up to the start of term.

Do you manage the properties you advertise for rent?

Yes! We only offer a full management service to our landlords. We are striving to improve the quality of life for all our students and believe we can offer the resources to do this. So if you have any problems, we will be sorting them out for you.

What is the average cost of rent?

Are you looking for a room, flat or house? All rent varies depending on quality and location, however as a guide a room can start at £65pw and go up to £100pw, where bills are inclusive and dependant on size. Flats range from £475 to £650, 1 or 2 bed. Houses rent based on a room price and multiplied by the number of rooms in the property.

Who do you use to hold the deposit?

Since 2007 all deposits paid under an AST are required to be protected under a tenancy deposit scheme. The legislation aims to ensure that tenants who pay a deposit get it back at the end of their tenancy agreement, subject to their rental account and property condition.

At UPSU Accommodation we use The Deposit Protection Service (DPS).

How are utility bills administered where they are included in rent?

Where your AST states bills inclusive, UPSU Accommodation will deduct a fair usage allowance from your rent and pay the supplier directly. If a fair usage policy is exceeded by the tenant(s) you will be liable to cover the additional cost.

Who is responsible for the television license?

Even if your AST states bills are inclusive, this will often not include the tv license. If you watch live tv, whether online or by tv, then you will need a license. However if you are on a joint tenancy, the property will only need to pay for 1 license. For further information please visit

What is provided in the property?

Unless advertised as unfurnished, all properties come furnished with the following essential items; bed, wardrobe, bedside table, desk with chair, sofa, dining table (if applicable), fridge, freezer, washing machine.

We advise our landlords to NOT supply items such as cutlery, crockery and often small electrical items such as vacuum cleaners, kettle, toaster etc. Many students already own these small items, however always speak to the office if that is not the case.

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