Guide to Renting

Once you find a property you like, follow this guide to booking your accommodation 

Arrange a Viewing:

Contact us with a date and time in mind to view the property, we will meet you there and accompany you through the property answering any questions you have.

Please keep in mind we like to give 48 hours to existing tenants to view their property, in special circumstances this can be reduced to 24 hours.

When viewing more than 1 property consecutively, we can transport you to each (currently 4 person limit)

Tenancy Application and Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement:

Becoming a tenant with UPSU Accommodation is FREE. You will need to visit us at our on campus office and complete the required forms.

Application:- This is a short form providing us with the relevant information to support you through your tenancy, ID will be required and should be brought with you.

Tenancy Agreement:- All our properties are let on an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement (AST) for the certain term of ELEVEN months, dating from 1st September to 31st July.

An AST is a legally binding contract for the certain term of the agreement

You will be asked to nominate a guarantor who will be liable to cover the cost in the event of rental arrears or property damage. This person must be based in the UK, in full time employment or otherwise provide proof of finances and have a fixed address.

Rent Payment Schedule:

Month Date Due

One month's rent for September, due 1st September or before (note keys will not be released unless cleared funds are received)

  • 1st October
  • 1st January
  • 1st April

Note: Following September’s single rent payment, the 10 remaining months are divided into 3 termly payments.

Payment Methods:

  • BACS
  • Cash
  • Cheque


  1. Organise a time to come and collect your keys from our office
  2. Collect a copy of your inventory (note: if you believe there to be any discrepancy you must contact us within 7 days)
  3. Take some time to familiarise yourself with your Property Information Booklet, this is designed specifically for your property and is a guide to using its facilities and maintenance


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